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The Man Within

Inner Masculine Initiation

The 30-day live program to deeply meet

your inner guy and heal your relationship

to the Masculine

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Next live journey | 1 - 30 June 2023

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Tropical Leaves

Join close to 300 women who've already activated their mature inner masculine!

Intimate group - Limited spaces

Ready to meet yourself intimately
and shift hardwired conditioning
around the masculine?


That’s the magic I’m talking about


They got to establish a commitment to themselves
which fuelled their self-reliance
and nurtured their inner marriage

and I want nothing but the same for you, my love

Can you relate?

You had hardly any role models of healthy masculinity growing up


You don’t feel you can fully trust men


You’re fierce and independent but can easily loose yourself in relationship 


You struggle to action great ideas or seeing projects through to the end


You’ve been on a committed path of self-discovery but sense there’s still a big missing piece 


You feel you’re too “high voltage” for anyone to withstand long-term 


You either give your heart away too quickly or guard it off and resist to open it entirely


You don’t feel fully met sexually, spiritually and emotionally


You sense your soul’s call vibrating near but there’s too much noise blocking clarity 

Desert Dunes

How would it feel to...

Feel safe and nourished

in your own company

with confidence to move through powerful emotions and activate your own erotic current

Claim what you want and get things done 

while supporting your

feminine gifts

to flourish and thrive

Develop a completely new relationship to men

while embodying a healthy masculine that calls it forth in partners, colleagues and friends

Hey there, I’m Clara!

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-17 at 18.59.20 (1

I’m a Feminine Empowerment guide and Soul Integration mentor for women seeking to live from their truest essence and fullest potential.


For the past 15 years I’ve been committed to soul-search, training extensively around the world and now facilitating within some of the most respected mystery schools for transpersonal development.


In 2017 I realised my masculine energy had been in the shadow for decades, sabotaging my growth, mission and relationships, so I decided to self-initiate into 30 days of allowing my “inner man” to reveal itself and make all decisions.


It was the single most transformative experience of my life. And I created The Man Within to guide you into meeting, healing and falling in love with your inner masculine as well!

When I met "Him"

Despite all the self-development work I was doing, some core patterns were not shifting and I kept bumping into the same obstacles in my relationships and career.


  • I kept attracting unavailable men and loosing myself in relationship.

  • I’d get easily distracted from goals or burn-out striving to achieve idealised outcomes. 

When the last major upset in relationship happened,

I decided it was time to do something drastic.

That’s when I took self-initiation.

Dedicating 30 full days to consciously meet my inner dude,
gave him the chance to fully show up
in ways I would have never known.


I gained a true life ally!

  • We brought structure to our days with ease and flow.


  • My feminine felt held and nourished through our commitment to radical self-care.


  • I developed a solid inner pillar of confidence independent of external validation.


  • I gained a deep sense of centre and direction with crystal clarity for what I want.


  • I became able to identify and communicate boundaries from a heart-centred place.


  • I fell head over heels for this part of me and a fulfilling relationship showed up in my life.


Most importantly - I healed my relationship to the masculine

which I had previously blamed for all my misery.

And it’s now one of my greatest turn-ons to support other women to achieve this

Hear it from the sisters


This work is really needed and Clara shares it from the heart. 

Her sensitivity, presence and feedback were pivotal for me to go deep into explorations and her enthusiasm in living and sharing these teachings encouraged me to trust the process despite the masculine being a heavy topic for me.


The program has a great combination of depth, playfulness, freedom and accountability. Clara’s invitation to radical embodiment catalysed considerable shifts in how I perceive and relate to the masculine, now seeing it with fresh eyes rather than old patterns and stories.


I can thoroughly recommend it to any sister who wants to dive deeper into embracing all parts of herself and experience greater fulfilment, self reliance and wholeness. 

        Janaina Dos Anjos

Strengthening the masculine principle to support and nurture the feminine.

The course feels accumulative. It's been a really vivid embodied process.
Simply by being in the container and calling in this growth, it is happening. I am feeling the challenges, the growing pains, the breakthroughs, the wisdom. It feels very organic as well. 

Clara is reading into what the group needs, rather than enforcing an inherent masculine structure to whip us into shape. So in that way it feels like we are all growing together, sensing and responding. It's really a case of getting out what you put in. 

The assignments are not too many and quite gentle, but even just shifting your perspective for a month and having that steady awareness creates shifts. I definitely recommend it.
I feel very inspired by the growing brotherhood in female bodies and further understanding the need for integration and continual maturation of both masculine and feminine principles!

Lauren Cooney 


Introducing The Man Within

 I created TMW to give the masculine energy within each woman the opportunity to be seen, understood and celebrated - (and heal the “inner gender wars” in the process!)

TMW is the only online program specifically designed for you to deeply meet your inner dude, accelerate his development and integrate his gifts into your life. 


It’s 30-day live journey with ongoing guidance to get you the embodied reference points of healthy masculinity you’ll be able to call onto whenever required.

At its core, The Man Within process is a potent statement of self-initiation, derived from my own lived experience which transformed my relationship to the masculine forever.


What you get

1:1 Focus Call with me 

We’ll get to identify your main areas of exploration, aspects to keep track of and general direction of your journey

4  Live Q&A group calls 

Weekly opportunity to have your questions answered live and meet with other sisters taking this initiation

Ongoing personalised followup

I personally read and engage with your unique process on our community group

Weekly Video Transmissions 
with synthesized wisdom to successfully meet and mature the man within you

Bespoke meditations & embodiment practises 
Bringing the best of shamanic journeying and shadow work tailored to let him through

Supportive assignments, tools and rituals
key prompts and my proven personal practices you’ll be able to use forever


Access to our Community support group 
A space of sisterhood and brotherhood to tap into the collective wisdom of our container, get accountability and reflections


Lifetime access to content!

Tropical Leaves

Dismantling the internal patriarchy 

is the key to unleash our core feminine gifts 

Clara Gomez  Santos


What's inside The Man Within


Meeting Him

Inner masculine
shamanic journey


Building your avatar

Qualities of Mature
& Immature Masculine


The great commitment


Deepening Connection
& Embodiment  

Shadow work tools

Qualities of Light & Dark Masculine

Owning the inner predator

Innocence of the cock 


Maturity & Integration

Rites of passage
& initiation

Emotional alchemy

Full responsibility for our experience 

Archetypal integration


The Inner Couple 

Masculine & Feminine integration

Aspecting ritual

Inner marriage
& soul expression 

Erotic self-sourcing 

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What are the dates? 

Next journey will run from 1st to 30th of June 2023.

Our live Opening Ceremony is on Friday 2nd of June at 5pm CET.

Approximately 2 hours.

When are the live group calls?  Are they recorded?

Our Opening Ceremony will be on Friday 2nd of June at 5pm CET.

Our weekly Live group calls are on Fridays - 9, 16, 23, 30 of June - at 5pm CET.

They all last about 2 hours.

If you cannot attend, the recording is always posted on our group as soon as ready.

What is the time commitment?

The main assignments are devised to be easily integrated into daily life at your own discernment. For specific practices, estimate - 2 hours / week. You’ll be invited to keep a journal and share your process on our private group. This is optional.

There are 2-3 really easy to digest videos per week (20min each max) + our weekly group call (2 hrs).

Ultimately, the level of involvement and how deep you wish to go is entirely up to you.

Can I do this while also enrolled in Feminine courses?

It depends. For example something like a yoni egg course, or other embodiment practice courses, yes, totally. Your masculine will help you show up, stay present with yourself and hold you through whatever arises in your practice. However if the course is specifically for dropping more into your femininity, perhaps best another time.

I’m concerned focusing on my masculine will make my toxic masculine worse.

I totally understand, most of us have have grown without healthy masculine references so it is common to feel apprehension towards giving the masculien “more air time”. The main focus of the program is to learn more about your masculine so that it may become your ally. The very act of bringing it to the foreground, to the light of awareness, stops its toxic behaviours from festering in the shadow.

I’m concerned working on my masculine will ruin polarity with my partner.

I hear you, working on our masculine doesn’t require we leave our feminine aside or that we will “turn masculine” all of a sudden. I’d venture to say your feminine will begin to feel so supported by your inner masc she will even brighter. And your partner may experience deeper trust in you as you become more clear in your communication and confident in your desires.

Are payment plans available?
Yes! You may pay for your chosen package in either 2 or 3 instalments. Applicable after launch offer.

I don’t use facebook can i join?

You’ll need a facebook account to access our private group container. All content is shared there.

How long can we access the content?

You will have lifetime access to all the content and powerful practices! 


Enroll in The Man Within

Payment plans available

Tropical Leaves

The offspring of your inner couple
is the unique note of your soul 

Clara Gomez  Santos

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